Using your content

When you are browsing the internet, do you want to save content for later use in your presentations? Are you tired of spending your time looking for it on the net? Bunkr accompanies you from browsing to creating your presentation. With our "Collect It" bookmarklet, you can collect everything you want to keep from the internet in just a few clicks.

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Start collecting content with Bunkr

Collect-it, the web browser button for collecting everything on the web

The "Collect it" button is technology Bunkr developed to help you easily retrieve content from a website: an image, a web site, a video, an article, a note, a quote. The content you save is immediately stored and organized in your Bunkr.

How does it work? Once you have installed the button in your browser, just click on it in your favorites bar to view the panel that will allow you to gather your content. Then select the type of content you wish to collect, and use the fields to pull in the content.

Watch this video to learn how the "Collect it" bookmarklet works

Install the bookmarklet:
Drag/drop the "Collect It" button in your favorites bar   ↓ Collect it

Collect and insert content directly from the Bunkr application

In the Bunkr application, you can also collect content with the add content module located in your content library and in the presentation editor.

To easily add content in the application, just drag and drop your content directly in the application to store it in your library, as you can see on the screenshot below.

Find and use content from your favorite applications!

Bunkr is also a simple way to use the content from applications you use every day. Find your Evernote notes, your Dropbox files, or your YouTube videos by linking up your accounts in the application. With a single click, you can locate your favorite content and insert it right into your presentation.

Here is an example of the DropBox application integration with Bunkr.

Start collecting content with Bunkr